• ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი
  • ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი
  • ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი
  • ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი
ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი

Kayland REVOLT W'S

ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი

  • 38.5BROWN-RED

545 ₾408.75 ₾

კალათაში დამატება


Kayland's new low-cut shoe, designed for fast hikes at medium altitudes on varied terrain. Lightweight and protective, Revolt features a suede upper and synthetic inserts. The real innovation of the shoe is the direct lamination of the Gore-Tex Invisible Fit membrane onto the upper: Revolt is the first shoe ever to have this process integrated into the leather. Direct lamination ensures that all creases and wrinkles are eliminated, thus reducing pressure points and ensuring a perfect fit. The construction technique helps reduce shoe weight, cut down water absorption and speed up drying times. The lacing system comprises a webbing of laces that tighten the upper to provide enhanced comfort and precision.
The EVA midsole and Vibram® Megagrip outsole make Revolt an ideal shoe for using even on approaches, thanks to the tread pattern designed specifically for varied terrain, with maximum grip on the heel and large toe area to ensure safety when climbing.
Excellent ankle supported is provide by Kayland's Ankle Lock System which ensures totally natural movement






Gore-tex invisible fit footwear


Our waterproof, windproof, and very breathable membrane is invisibly
integrated into a wide range of athletic shoes. Bonded directly into the
shoe, the lightweight construction is designed to disappear.

Main features:

• True fit
• Very breathable
• Durably waterproof
• Fast drying





Vibram multiverse xs trek compound

The Multiverse outsole derives from an exclusive and futuristic project that involves Kayland and Vibram. The particular design of the outsole
in fact responds to the highest demands of performance: full toe for greater grip, plantar arch sculpted for grip on uneven ground, differentiated
tessellation specific for the traction, grip and braking zones, thin profile to keep minimum weight and optimize durability. Stability, precision and
optimal reactivity even on difficult terrain and slippery surfaces.

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