• ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი
  • ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი
  • ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი
  • ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი
  • ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი
  • ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი
  • ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი
ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი


ქალის სალაშქრო ფეხსაცმელი

  • 37.5GRAY COLAR

545 ₾408.75 ₾

კალათაში დამატება


Hiking has a new, more aggressive and even more technical face. Miura GTX is designed to tackle mixed and challenging terrains with agility, while maintaining the structure and technical features typical of Kayland hiking footwear.

The upper is among the main innovations of this footwear, both in the visually appealing design achieved through heat embossing, and in its structure. Miura GTX features 3 differentiated zones in the material to provide protection and lightness as needed. The central composition, mostly made of suede, allows for perfect adaptability to the foot, ensuring perfect anatomical conformity in the long term. To ensure maximum protection and durability, a polyurethane band has been added to the lower part of the upper, surrounding it without weighing down the shoe. The toe cap is made of rubber for extra protection. Inside, the Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Footwear membrane provides maximum climatic comfort.

The dual-density, two-tone EVA midsole ensures maximum lightness, stability, and impact absorption. The Vibram® Multiverse sole features a specific pattern for mixed terrains, with functional lugs, maximum grip on the heel, and a solid area at the toe for safety. Miura GTX also has an enhanced outsole with an even more aggressive tread pattern to provide maximum traction. The internal PU insole is thick enough to provide good cushioning even during the most technical hikes.

The lacing system is also designed to match the technicality of the shoe, extending towards the toe and with the eyelets located directly on the shoe to avoid adding extra thickness that could hinder the fit. The tongue, made of hotmad material, ensures structural resistance, preventing compression of the foot even with tightly laced shoes. The upper part of the tongue is made of microfiber and tapers towards the ankle for a superior comfort sensation.






Gore-tex extended comfort footwear


GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear keeps feet dry and protected by
being durably waterproof and breathable and is an engineered system
which provides leading climate comfort. It is ideal for moderate and
warmer conditions and during higher activity levels.

Main features:

• Durably waterproof and breathable
• Optimized climate comfort
• For moderate and warmer conditions
• During higher activity levels
• Non-insulating for lowest heat retention.




Vibram multiverse hike xs trek compound

The Multiverse Hike sole block is designed to guarantee excellent performance on rough and uneven terrain, thanks to the features developed
by the collaboration between Kayland and Vibram®. Large areas with correct tessellation at the tip and heel for greater grip on dirt and descent, while
the central part is sculpted for better control over smooth surfaces or ladders; finally, the positioning of the lugs allows perfect traction and stability in
every situation. Perfect combination of durability, stability and comfort.

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